Re-submit the claim

How to re-submit the claim, if previous claim is rejected?

First of all

You need to visit our website
Install our Mobile App from Google Play Store

For website users:

  Step 1: Fill your login details

  Step 2: Select Claim Status in profile button

  Step 3: Select (Tick Mark) the rejected product.

  Step 4: Edit and Update “Information/Document” as per the reason given in the E-mail.

  Step 5: Very soon after updating the information, check your claim status.

The claim status will change from Rejected to In-Process*/Partially Approved.

Note: There are Six forms of status of Insurance Claim

  1. Pending (You have not claimed your insurance)

  2. In-process (You claimed the insurance and waiting for Insurer response)

  3. Partially Approved (Your claim is accepted and need to submit further information/document)

  4. Rejected (Your claim is rejected for any specific reason, you need to re-submit the document/info.)

  5. Completed (Your claim is approved, now you need to send/courier the Hard Copy of documents along with Scrutiny Sheet and Discharge Voucher.)

  6. Close (Your claim is settled and Amount has been sent to your account)