Frequently Asked Questions

Answer : All mobile phones will be covered.
Answer : Buy our Insurance plan and go to the registration tab on www.mobilesafty.com (check the tutorial How to Register)
Answer : No, there is no waiting period; the coverage will start just after registering the phone.
Answer : In the case of loss/theft of your phone, lodge an F.I.R. and claim the insurance on mobilesafty.com (Check tutorial "How to claim Insurance, if mobile is lost")
Answer : (Check tutorial "How to claim Insurance, if mobile is lost" or "How to claim Insurance, if mobile is damaged")
Answer : After depreciation value of mobile is the maximum limit of a claim.
Answer : You need to intimate on our portal within 48 hours of the occurrence.
Answer : Comprehensive insurance that protects your mobile phone against theft/loss is called theft cover.
Answer : You can register only new device within 48 hours of purchase.
Answer : No, you can buy your gadget from any registered shop.
Answer : Yes, 3% of the claim value or 300 (whichever is the minimum)
Answer : You can claim three times in single insurance policy during the coverage period.
Answer :

Insurance Proposal form (at the time of registration)

Insurance certificate (when insurance is approved)

Scrutiny Sheet (when the claim is approved)

Discharge Voucher (when the claim is approved)

Answer : You need to buy a new insurance policy
Answer : Yes, you have to block your SIM for security purpose and also need to collect SIM blockage certificate.
Answer : Yes, you need to lodge an F.I.R.
Answer : The Oriental Insurance Company
Answer : You can't cancel your policy.
Answer : Yes, the pickpocket is covered under loss/theft
Answer : MobileSafty is neither an insurer nor an agent of the insurer for selling any insurance policy. We are only an authorized proposer/intermediate between the insurer (Insurance Company) and insured (Policy buyer/customer). We offer physical protection to mobile phones for and behalf of our ‘Insurance Service Provider’.
Answer : First of all, mobilesafty assures you all that the company has inked a contract with its service providers to avoid such contingency. Mobilesafty will be in existence until the last policy completes its coverage period.
Answer : E-mail your question to us at admin@mobilesafty.com