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About MobileSafty.com

MobileSafty.com is an innovative address to secure your Mobile phones & Tablets from Viruses, Damages (accidental, liquid, fire or other natural calamities), Malfunction, Stolen/Theft or Burglaries. We provide the complete mobile insurance packages that accomplish the instant need of your devices.

We can’t throw out the risk of loss, but minimize it. No matter what happens around you, your device will remain integral with our all-round protection.

  • A complete Mobile Insurance packages (Fire, Accidental Physical Damages, Theft & Burglary, Fluid & Water Damages)
  • Trusted Anti-Virus support
  • Available Android, Windows and iOS

We are strongly committed to the best care and protection of your much-loved devices.

What People Are Saying About Us

MobileSafty is a true mobile insurance package that provides user-friendly services. It’s amazing, now I can feel free from future worries.

MobileSafty is the best mobile insurance provider. All features are user-centric. It also promises to give the best care to my valued phone.

MobileSafty is a unique mobile insurance that provides all round security from various mishaps. Now, I am sure that my losses due to mobile damage will surely be minimized.

After having MobileSafty insurance, I have no tension about mobile security. It accomplishes almost every need of my handset.